Frequently asked Questions

How long does genealogical research take?

A genealogical research never ends. In the beginning, everything is easy and surprisingly fast. However, the further back in time we travel, the more tedious it becomes. However, we have been researching family histories for 20 years and are discovering more and more research opportunities. Genealogy is not just about names and dates, but the stories of people. Because their careers are more exciting than any Hollywood blockbuster. And to reconstruct what they have experienced, you need time.  

Which documents do I need?  

To start a research, we create a starting point. Your cooperation is important. We need copies of all documents about your ancestors. This includes certificates, curricula vitae, stories, photos. In short, everything you can tell us about the persons you are looking for. Afterwards we evaluate your data. This lays the foundation for the actual family research.

What does it cost me?

A minimum amount is required for us to become active. You decide how and for what purpose your money is used. You receive detailed monthly statements to keep track of all costs. This serves as a safeguard for you, so that you are not exposed to excessive bills afterwards, as is the case with many genealogists. At any time you decide whether the research should be continued or not.

How do we stay in touch?

Do you have any questions, then call. From 4 pm the office is always occupied. We are happy to talk about this issue. If you are not comfortable with direct talks, write to us. You will receive a quick and detailed answer. Personal meetings are possible. With us the service is always in the first place.

Do I get reports on progress?

Every month we inform you about the progress of the research.

How do I get the reports?

Reports we present by mail. Here, all the news will be inserted for you in the master sheets. However, experience shows that the phone is used just as often. The presentations are a mix of mail, phone and live chat. Here you decide.

Can I take part in the research?

That would be desirable. Nothing is more exciting than working in a team. If a co-researcher is desired, our contact becomes even closer. This even saves you money and is fun. If you do not wish this (due to time or other reasons), we will take over the helm alone and present the development of the research in detail.

Do you help with research trips?

We plan for you everything that is necessary. If you wish, we will accompany you on a research trip or conduct one alone for you.

Do you create family trees?

With the first progress, you usually start to present your results with some pride. In art we are well positioned. We create family trees, genealogical charts, or portraits of your loved ones. We also capture special and significant scenes from your family’s past on canvas. In addition, we offer framing services to complete the project. In the written field, the classic is the family and company chronicle. But also certain family events can be perfectly integrated into historical stories. Here the past literally comes to life and can be read by all relatives. They are also first-class gifts for relatives at family celebrations. Whether they are historical short stories, novellas or novels. Everything is possible. There are no limits to the art!

Are you working internationally?

With the languages German, English, French and Russian we are well positioned internationally and research worldwide in the name of our clients their historical identity.

Why Origen?

We are fascinated by being more than ordinary genealogists. We are adventurers. We create historical worlds for our customers. Worlds in which you can be closer to your ancestors than with any other professional colleague. Origen is more than just searching for names in archives. We want to take a journey through time with our clients. Our main concern is the positive feelings of our customers. Origen combines the words “Origin” and “Gen”. Thus, it is a reflection of our philosophy to unite you with the places and people of your family history. This is our sole aim.

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